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Celebrating 30 years in Portrait Photography


We love portraits! Bring your families to the studio and we'll capture the love and fun of your family.

We'll shoot amazing pictures while you a good time. Everyone says how much they enjoy our sessions.

Portraits is what we do!


We believe that the actual experience of the session is as important as the end result. If you want kids who look relaxed and at ease then you need the kids to enjoy the session. Andy is an expert, after thirty years shooting, of getting kids to relax into the session.  

Help us 'Tell your Story'. Great portraits are about telling everyone something about you, your family or your kids.

Families are constantly changing and growing, it is important to remember the different stages of your story......   we often hear mums say that they don't want to be on the pictures, but remember that often you are having the pictures taken for your kids to look back on when they're all grown up. You might not want to be on the pictures at the moment but in 20 years time the kids will want to see you on their family story pictures. 

Andy can shoot a variety of styles whether you like the white background fashion and fun look or the fine art portrait black and white shots. Andy will incorporate a variety of styles into your hour long session so you can see as much variety as possible when you return to view your portraits a few days after your session.

We encourage you to bring along some props to personalise your portrait, that could be something as simple as a football (or even better a rugby ball!) or something as elaborate as a drum kit. If it helps to represent your family so its tells your story then bring it along. We have a dressing room for your family to use so you can bring as many outfits or props as you wish.

After your shoot, we invite you back to the studio around a week later to view your images. You will see your images projected just like being at the cinema, bring along anyone who wants to see the pictures, but if possible its best to leave small children with a family member or friend as it can often be distracting having them around when your picking your favourite images. You will be offered several different ways to present your images, everything from high resolution digital images to beautifully framed wall portraits. Our studio is constantly looking for the latest ways to present your images whilst also maintaining the classic wall portrait that we have found hasn't dated over the years.

Let us tell your story and get in touch today, our session fee is normally £100 followed by whatever you order but you can take advance of the two offers we are currently running:


Let your kids come along to the studio for a 1 hour shoot, you'll pick your favourite 7x5" framed image from the shoot worth £75 or you can use the £75 off anything else you want.


Bring all the family for a photo shoot, whether that's just two generations or a multi generational group with lots of family members. You cam choose your favourite 10x8" worth £145 or use the £145 off any thing else you want.

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