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Celebrating 30 years in Portrait Photography


Don't forget the most important part of the family, mans best friend deserves a portrait too!

Contact the studio on 0191 261 1518​ to book or click the button below:

Don't work with animal and children!

Whoops we love both!

Pets are an integral part of some families life, indeed to a lot of people the dog or cat are their children. We love both so bring them along to the studio and lets get them photographed.

We even love hamsters, gerbils and rabbits, but not snakes or insects sorry!

A one hour studio session which will entail lots of patience, treats and wiping up little accidents will lead to some great portraits.

Don't worry Andy is very used to pets, he has an ageing husky and 7 cats at home so don't worry about how your pets will behave at the studio we've seen it all before.

We have specific days to shoot pets just so we can clean down the entire studio in case of any allergies that children might have. If you want to bring your pet along to a family or child session thats fine just let us know in advance.

Spoil your pet with a portrait session just for them, you have no idea how frustrating it is for your pooch when they are smiling perfectly and their owner just isn't performing!


  • Up to 1 hour shoot with Andy at our studio in Newcastle

  • One 7x5' framed portrait of your choice or £75 credit towards anything else 

  • Bring as many pets as you like to the session


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